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The GC2 tank is a must have for anyone suffering from Gynecomastia, Man boobs pseudogynecomastia, for people recovering from cosmetic surgery or just want to have a slimmer appearance. The purpose of our store is to provide a safe, affordable, practical remedy for the visible signs of gynecomastia. We know what its like to be so self conscious of your appearance that you quit living the life you use to have. Giving up sports, vacations, girlfriends and so much more. That being said, try our product and start living again!

"From a Fit, Feel, Function, and Affordability point of view, I’d have to say that the CG2 Compression is dollar for dollar, one of the best values in compression tank tops I have tried so far" -The Undershirt Guy

GC2 compression tank recommended by Endocrinologists at Children's Hospital Washington, D.C.


 Trans* and FtM Customers! We have heard you and designed a dedicated product just for you! Check out our new line of chest binders at gc2b.co 



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